Personal data policy

Personal data policy

Welcome to the Personal Data Policy for and webshops under the domain

MarkOn AS - CVR 73302315, is very serious about the security of your personal data and collects only information that is necessary to uphold the terms of the agreements and to provide the service agreed. We can distinguish between business customers and private customers, but the following are valid for both types.  

The type of personal information registrated:

We collect various information depending on whether you are a visitor (webstats) or account customer (personal data). The most common types of information we collect include: name, company name, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, other contact information, type of payment, transaction information, CVR number, inquiries via "Contact us", Support cases and web analysis data.

How we collect data:

We collect personal data directly from this website (encrypted with SSL) when you submit it to us at the time of ordering, contacting, and support, and while navigating through the site to order or when using services linked to the site. We only collect your personal data when you give it to us, when completing customer registration and / placing an order, subscribing a newsletter, email list, submit feedback, fill out a Survey, or send us other information. For web statistics, we use Google Analytics, which is used as a tool to improve our pages. GA records your IP and related behavior on our site. You can see Google policies here:

Storing of personal information:

We store personal information in secured servers (within the EU) managed by us and our datacenters, and sometimes hard copies held in a secure place in Denmark. Personal information that we store or transmit is protected by security and access controls, including username, password authentication, IP control and data encryption, where appropriate.
Data is kept for a minumum of:
- they are accountable (5 years)
- as long as ther is an active agreement.
All mail correspondence is stored on inhouse PCs (Avast protected), and on our own secured servers.

Data sharing:

Your data will not be shared with other companies or individuals unless there is a specific approval by the customer to use the information in other contexts. Exceptions may occur with claims from public services, such as Taxation, Police and similar services. All communication (written, spoken or digital) is treated confidentially and is not passed on to third party in any form without your consent.

Insight into registered data:

As a customer you can log in to your own account to see all information we have registered about contact information, orders, payments, agreements, projects and support cases. We do not make any further registrations.

Erasure of personal data:

If you want your data, which is not covered by the above minimum requirements for storage, erased, please contact us via "Contact us". We store information about our customers with current agreements - as long as there is an active agreement. Ordinary (non-contractual) mailcorrespondence is deleted when the content is deemed obsolete and without documentation value (daily, monthly, yearly).

Electronic communication

When you visit and or send e-mails to us, you communicate with us electronically. You therefore agree to receive electronic information from us. We will communicate with you through emails or by posting on this web site.


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If any questions please contact us through the ‘Contact us’ form.